Dear Reader,

Wired Dreams is a science fiction romance novel. Amy marries her childhood sweetheart David, and they live a happy life together despite a poorly understood illness that leaves Amy crippled. They become separated when her illness leaves Amy comatose for life – until the Internet of Reality offers them the impossibility of life together. The author co-wrote Wired Dreams with Kerry Charlton.

Pigeon Drop Falls is a children’s picture book about a green-skinned boy named Bolt who learns his true identity. It’s a happy, fun story in a charming, kooky kind of way.

Count Inventory is a business plan that tells you everything you need to know in order to start up and operate your own successful inventory business. In it you’ll find the fundamentals of how to conduct accurate physical inventories of retail stores for profit, along with all business forms your company will need.

The author lives in Rochester, Minnesota with his wife Sarah and their menagerie of pets.