timeDuring the Focus, All-Thought observed a pinprick in the fabric of everything, a window through which it glimpsed a place of only three dimensions; up and down, back and forth, and side to side. All-Thought agreed, ‘this realm of few dimensions is worthy of ponder’, so All-Thought shed its higher dimensions and traveled through the pinprick, and fell to Earth.

All-Thought struggled to understand this world, where volcanoes poisoned the air and meteors caused great destruction. Without its higher dimensions it couldn’t see forward while looking back, nor could it be where it once was, or be where it would be. It sensed a power it hadn’t sensed before, one that stood aloof and alone. All-Thought called the power Time, and although Time caused it no harm, it trapped All-Thought in the here and now. Slowly, All-Thought lost its focus to be, and it became three separate Thoughts.

One Thought kept a strong memory of the higher dimensions, much stronger than the other two. It became their leader and the other two Thoughts called him Father. Father named the second Thought Son, and the last Thought, having lost all memory, became a shadow of Thought, a mere ghost. Father and Son called it Spirit. Together they planted a seed on Earth, and from this seed grew life.

Life grew slowly at first, until an explosion of life occurred that, like a blanket, it covered the surface of the Earth. Father, Son, and Spirit watched as life changed the Earth. Life, with its ebbs and flows, fascinated Three Thoughts, because in the higher dimensions (that which they remembered) there was never any change. Everything just was, without a beginning, middle, or end –without life or death. Three Thoughts helped their seed survive change and flourish (and life noticed the help) until, eventually, life grew strong and Time grew useless to life. Life no longer cared about change. It simply was. It was the end of death and Time lost its power over life. Only one death then remained -the death of Time.

When Time died, the pinprick, along with the world of three dimensions, closed. Father, Son, and Spirit, released from Time, journeyed back to the Focus where they became All-Thought once again. It joined together in the higher dimensions, but it never forgot its journey –or its seed. Nor did life forget Three Thoughts, as life felt a loss without ever knowing why.

Then or now, or sometime soon, there came a new Time when All-Thought once again observed a pinprick in the fabric of everything, and through the window it fell to Earth. All-Thought became Three –Father, Son, and Spirit.  Time was now, and with a joy that can only be felt through Time, they reunited with their beloved seed. They cherished their blanket of life, and life, sensing it, felt a renewed happiness.

And Time, whose power can never really die, saw everything that was made, and behold, it was good.