Rosie and Josie were twins who lived next door to each other in the very small town of Snowflake, Alaska. They loved living in Snowflake where it gently snowed all year long, and they loved being with one another.

Snowflake was very far north, and at night, if it were a silent night, the sisters saw far off in the distance the soft, white glow from the workshops at the North Pole. There were rumors whispered in town about what went on so far north with Santa and his elves. The twins approved of it all, because they loved Christmas and the celebration of family that Christmas represents. Well, they approved of most of it, but there was one dark rumor they didn’t approve of at all.

That rumor was about the Blue Elves. It was whispered they were bigger than the average elf, and very strict about the rules of Christmas. The townsfolk called them the Enforcers who traveled far and wide enforcing the rules of Christmas, namely –No decorating before Thanksgiving, and –Absolutely no Bah Humbug.

This worried Rosie and Josie because they always decorated their snowy yards well before Thanksgiving. It always looked so pretty that they couldn’t help themselves. So they devised a plan.

They dug a snow cave into the fourteen-foot-high snow drift in the gully behind their homes. To light their cave, they strung Christmas lights inside of it that sparkled off of the snow like ten thousand twinkling lights.

Their plan was, at the first sign of a Blue Elf, to hide in their cave until the trouble went away, but they liked their snow cave so much that they brought into it their lawn chairs, where they would sit with blankets wrapped around them, and sip their tea. It was like living in a snow globe, and they were very happy.

They quit worrying about the Blue Elves, and if the Blue Elves found them, they decided they would take the opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, and a blessed New Year.